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Beach clean started as an idea that beaches can be better managed by outsourcing the service, as the technology for effective beach cleaning was developed by Beach-Tech. From humble beginings we pioneered a methodology that ensures an overall maintenance of the beaches. Beach Clean Services SA started in1998 and we have been consistant in delivering a high level of services.

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Rogerio Viana Managing Member
Cell +27(082) 4901 806
email: rogviana@beachclean.co.za

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Oil Disaster: BP orders first BeachTech™ beach cleaning machines.

After a series of successful tests and proof-of-capability demonstrations on Gulf coast beaches, BP purchased 25 BeachTech™ beach cleaning machines.

Oil spill Mexico: BeachTech Sweepy hydro proves its value in oil spill clean-up.

The most recent beach cleaner in the BeachTech fleet, the multifunctional BeachTech Sweepy hydro, adds to the oil clean-up operation of BeachTech beach cleaning machines at the Gulf of Mexico.