Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy

From the natural cycle, beache receive many different organic and inorganic materials deposited regularly and especially after storms. These materials include shells, pebbles, animal remains, marine and terrestrial vegetation as well as the sand of the beach itself. Sea grasses and kelp plants in particular are important for the biological richness and diversity of the beach, dune and near-shore ecosystems.
Beaches are part of the larger coastal system. They are complex, dynamic sites and the coastal processes that shape and nourish beaches can easily be affected by development and activities along the coast. Beaches are also where human litter ends up washed down streams and drains, or deposited directly by beach visitors as well as seagoing vessels. The sea is also used for disposal of various kinds of 'wastes', particularly treated and untreated sewage. Many kinds of materials can be found on beaches as a result and water quality may be affected.
Beach Cleaning focuses on objects and pollutants that are deposited on the beach as a result of natural processes or human behaviour. Some of these 'deposits' are an important part of the beach ecosystem while others are destructive. The removal of intrusive and hazardous litter is important for our human activities, but equally the needs of our beaches ecosystems are carefully considered in the entire beach cleaning solutions developed.
Throughout the community there is an increasing awareness of the environment and environmental issues. Communities expect Councils to lead by example. Some in the community see beaches as part of the natural ecosystems that sustain life. Others see beaches as recreation places. People differ in their attitudes to litter, and in their littering behaviour and every effort is made to balance the needs of both


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Blue Flag Organisation

BeachTech is a sponsor for the Blue Flag Programme. They give support through donations and expertise on finding methods for determining the level of cleanliness of beaches.