Beach Tech 3000

BeachTech 3000 – Power and Performance
For big beaches with large amounts of material to be collected, the BeachTech 3000 is unrivaled in the market as it fulfills all the demands placed upon it for cleaning such large areas.
The BeachTech 3000 has a working width of 2.50 m and an enormous loading volume of 4.7 m³ which - even with a very large operating range - limits the number of trips to the unloading station, saving valuable resources. The patented two-belt screening, raking and combined cleaning technique provides the maximum cleaning capacity available on the market - in an easy one-man operation as all the functions are controlled from the tractor. The BeachTech 3000 has low noise output, which makes it well suited for working close to hotels, private homes and other populated areas. Its finisher is designed for optimal aerating and structuring the beach.
The BeachTech 3000's robust overall design stands up easily to the effects of salt water and humid air. The well-proven structural components remain in good order for a long service life. They are galvanized to protect them against corrosion and made weatherproof with two-component acrylic paint. All hydraulic pipes are made from stainless steel, for extra protection against the ocean's elements.


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