Beach Tech 3000 Mechanical Services

This process removes all contamination above and below the sand. A twin-belt screening system separates the sand and the rubble at a maximum rate. All debris, large and small, is entirely removed by a raking and screening process, leaving the beach in a pristine condition.

Removes all contaminants

Common contaminants include bottles, pieces of glass, bottle tops, cigarette butts, drinking straws, sea debris and general consumer waste. Smaller kelp is also removed during this process..

Wide areas can be cleaned

Large areas can be cleared of all debris in a relatively short time. Low noise resolution ensures that residents living close to the beach are not disturbed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


Real deep cleaning





The screening width is 2.4 meters at a constant depth of 300 mm. The processing speed is at a rate of 30,000 sq. m/h for dry sand and 12,000 sq. m/h for wet sand.    

Effective screening





All waste is sped through the screening belts, through a vibrating effect dispensing the waste into a hopper at the back and emptied into a skip, which holds 4 cum. of waste.                 


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